Admission & Fee Policy
Perhaps the best part about the O.M.A School is the pure intentions of the board of trustees who believe that a good quality education should not come at a high cost and should be affordable to all. This, they believe is imperative for the future generation. Therefore, the fee structure has been made as reasonable as possible.

Admissions are available for the Academic year 2022-2023 for KG (3 years 5 months complete as on June 30th) to 10th Grade.

Admission Process:
O.M.A SChool plans to give admission to all applicants subject to availability of seats
The process of admission will be as follows:
  1. Tour of O.M.A School
  2. Pick up Admission Form from the school
  3. Submitting the filled form with following documents:
    1. Two photographs of the student
    2. One photo of each parent
    3. Copy of Birth certificate of the student
    4. Copy of Health report of the student
    5. Original School Transfer Certificate
    6. Progress Report of previous school
    7. Certificate of extra-curricular achievement if any
    8. DD/ Cheque/ Cash of Rs. 250 for Form Fee in the name of 'O.M.A School'
In case of students who are availing admission for 1st grade and above there will be a personal interview for the students and parents conducted by the school. The interview of the parents is with the intent of understanding how you are currently involved with your child at home

You can also send Admission Form by courier to our office address:-
O.M.A Matriculation School
O.M.A Gardan, Jambuvanodai, Muthupet - 614738. Phone: 98651 60648

Fee Policy
  • Admission Fee: This is a onetime fee payable during seeking admission to O.M.A School. Payment of Admission Fee ensures provisional admission and a student is assured of a confirmed seat at O.M.A, subject to completion of formalities as mentioned in the Provisional admission letter.
  • Annual Fee: The annual fee is payable only once every year. All students are required to pay the annual fee as is prevalent during the session. Keeping in mind the affordability factor, we also offer parents an installment option that requires only post dated cheques.
  • Resource Fee: Students admitted for the Kindergarten program are provided with all the books, writing and coloring material and other resources required for their in- class learning. A very reasonable, one- time resource fee is charged towards meeting these expenses.
  • Books, Stationery and Uniform Fee: For your convenience, we also provide our students with a supply of textbooks, notebooks and uniform from the school. Needless to say, we ensure that this fee is as affordable as possible.
  • Laboratory Fee: Applicable for students of Grades 7 and above. (Includes Science, Computer, and Math labs).
  • Transportation Fee: We have taken it upon ourselves to provide a convenient, safe and reliable school bus facility that includes pick up and drop of students at designated locations along pre designated routes. This service is not a door to door service and is strictly optional. Parents have the option of making personal arrangement for transport of their wards. This fee is likely to be reviewed during the course of the session to cater to variations in running costs.
Since the school fee goes towards our monthly running of the school, we do charge a minimal late fee in the event of late payment:
  • Fine of Rs.100/- per month will be charged on fees paid after the due date.
  • Students, whose fees remain unpaid, in full or in part, will not be able to sit for internal or external examinations, and until the outstanding fee is received we would be unable to provide internal examination results, reports/progress cards, Transfer Certificates or recommendations to future schools/colleges.
  • In an event where the outstanding fee is not paid even after 3 weekly reminders, the student will not be able to attend school and all dues shall be recovered from the security deposit.
For students who have been granted admission and have had their fee paid, we will be unable to entertain any requests for refunds. Fee paid are payable annually and cannot be refunded if the student leaves mid-year, without an appropriate notice period.

Term 1: June to September
Term 2: October to January
Term 3: February to May

Van Fee: Three terms van fee stage wise
  • In case of withdrawal, all fees are due for the semester falling in the notice period.
  • In the case of withdrawal without notice, the outstanding fees shall be adjusted.
  • Admission fees are Non-Refundable.
  • Transfer certificates and student progress reports are issued once all dues are cleared, school property (including books and equipment) are returned and a "No Dues Certificate" is issued.

O.M.A School reserves the right to amend the Fee Structure and Fee Policy whenever necessary and the decision of the Management is final and binding and cannot be challenged.
The Anish Charitable Trust as been set up with the intention of improving the over all quality of life of the underprivileged and needy, especially in the small towns of India. The trust focusses on education, medical relief, public infrastructure and relief to the destitute.
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