While the core of the school program is delivered through full time employees of O.M.A, there is ample opportunity to volunteer time in specific projects that will aid teachers in school as well as provide support to the administrative staff in office.

We depend on Volunteers to provide exposure to the world for the O.M.A children. This is the case for both Indian and International volunteers. The diversity of the volunteers in terms of culture, race, age, education, occupation provides the children with invaluable life experiences. They become children of the world.

Most importantly volunteers provide our children with positive role models to aspire, that they lack sometimes because of the backgrounds they come from.

Volunteers can also help in multiple programs including the reading program helping children improve their diction, the writing program helping children articulate themselves better in written English, the innovation program helping teachers use alternate teaching techniques and resources in the classroom and also helping teachers contextualize keys skills required in adult life such as communication and team work.

We would be delighted to hear from you.

Do write to us at trustees@omaschool.in

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